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https://www.yujye.net/en/contact.html Yujye Technology https://www.yujye.net/en/images/corpimg.png No. 25, Ln. 57, Zhengnan 1st St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 06-253-6861#21 YJT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. | Professional Software Modification Design and Industrial Equipment Development Welcome to Yujye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a professional technology company established in 2010. From initially focusing on studio service orders, specializing in software modification design, to our current global enterprise, we continuously pursue excellence and are dedicated to providing innovative technological solutions. Company Milestones 2011, 2014: Established offices on Zhonghua Road and Fuqiang Road Section 2 in Yongkang District, Tainan City, expanding our business base. 2017: Established an office in Zhongshan, Guangdong, to better serve clients in the southern China region. 2018: Constructed a new factory on Zhengnan 1st Street in Tainan and established an overseas office in Shanghai, expanding our international market presence. Product and Technological Innovations 2019: Moved into a new factory in Tainan, successfully developed an economical water purification machine, ultra-compact RO system, and entered the unmanned vending store sector. 2021: Collaborated with partners to develop standard equipment such as optical sorting machines, wafer inspection machines, stone crystal marking machines, and multi-axis robotic arms, setting new industry benchmarks. 2022: Launched the "Meet You Noodle" unmanned vending machine system in collaboration with Pugnose Technology, introducing the world's first fully automatic unmanned Japanese ramen equipment. Establishment of Yujye International Co., Ltd. 2024: In response to business demands and major trends, we established "Yujye International Co., Ltd.," concurrently discontinuing the franchise business model. We formed alliances with multiple entities, adopting a mall-style joint business model, and developed a globally unique vending machine business model. Partners and Clients We collaborate with numerous well-known enterprises, universities, and department stores, including Hitachi High-Technologies, DeanShi, GainShi, China Star Optoelectronics, and AU Optronics. Two Contact Departments Industrial Equipment Development Department: With extensive equipment development experience, we provide services such as the modification, maintenance, and revitalization of existing equipment for clients in industries such as semiconductors, LCDs, solar cells, etc. Currently, we integrate existing equipment and technology in line with the company's overall direction to address the significant labor shortage issue and engage in collaborative development activities. Representation and sales of products like intelligent dehumidifiers and online moisture analyzers. Collaborative development of solutions for labor shortages in the food and beverage industry. Intelligent Vending Machine Collaborative Development (Meet You Noodle) Department: We offer the following services: Meet You Noodle unmanned ramen shop system services, including site service applications. Collaboration on electronic commerce. Addressing labor shortages in the food and beverage industry and collaborative development. Commercial advertising services. For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to call +886-2536861 or email Ms. Sharon (shengfen@yujye.com). We are dedicated to serving you wholeheartedly."
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【 佑傑電子,無論是設備自動化開發、光學系統開發、改造等等 都可以找我們。 另外佑傑的日本拉麵實在是好吃超值,快打電話給我們哦】(網頁中圖文版權皆為佑傑電子所有;全圖片非經合法授權禁止複製使用 版權必究) 「佑傑電子は、設備の自動化開発、光学システムの開発、改造など、どんなプロジェクトにも対応できます。また、佑傑の日本ラーメンは非常に美味しく、お得です。お気軽にお電話ください。」(ウェブサイト内のすべてのテキストと画像の著作権は佑傑電子に帰属しており、合法的な許可なしにコピーまたは使用することは禁止されています。著作権違反は厳格に取り締まられます。)"Yujie Electronics can assist with various projects, including equipment automation development, optical system development, modifications, and more. Additionally, our Japanese ramen is not only delicious but also a great value. Feel free to give us a call." (All text and image copyrights on our website are owned by Yujie Electronics, and copying or using them without legal authorization is strictly prohibited. Copyright violations will be rigorously enforced.)

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91 見你一麵 九洲豚骨拉(一般版) 500  
29 分離式 熱風槍(HOT AIR GAN)(可調溫、電子數位顯示 21000  
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