【YJT 全智能除濕乾燥設備誠徴各地區代理商】各產業設備能力提升、老舊設備改造(電路、軟体、動作、機構等)、設計變更、產業新制程新設備開發等都是我們的專業(綱頁中圖文版權皆為佑傑電子所有;全圖片非經合法授權禁止複製使用 版權必究
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Annual output of composite materials is about 150 billion NT dollars.
The polymer materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber will be the highlights of this show.

On the basis of the high valued petrochemical industry, the exhibition takes "Circular Economy, Smart High-end Materials" as the main axis, in addition to the supply chain, including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, re-products and production technology equipment, polymers. Composite materials are also the highlights of the show. Related manufacturers of carbon fiber and glass fiber to the mid-end prepreg and woven materials are welcome to join the show. China's carbon fiber industry chain is strong, and the downstream can be applied to construction and aerospace. 3C products, bicycles and energy industries, with the development of technology and new  technology skills, it gradually move towards to high quality and high added value. PLASCOM will show the global demand, HSE issue, high performance and high efficiency. Also, the competitive high-end materials and process technology will create one-stop procurement platform for buyers around the world.

Yujye Technology will see you in the show!